The new way to avocado is coming…

Our Story

Deciding on the first Born Tasty™ product was a bit of a no-brainer. The avocado’s status as a tasty, healthy superfood is celebrated the world over. Its popularity has led to a phenomenal growth in consumption.

In the UK, we now eat more avocados than oranges, but have you ever tried to get into one? There’s slicing and chopping and scooping – and lunchtime’s just too short for that.

So Snackamolé is an altogether easier way to avocado. It’s naturally-grown whole fruit lovingly mashed with nothing but a few ingredients, served with some low-fat popped chickpea chips to scoop it up.

Snackamolé delivers the exciting flavours that avocado lovers across the world have been enjoying for years.

Better still, it’s a quick way to get a big helping of the kind of good food we need, for breakfast, lunch or a convenient snack on the go. Because the only thing to peel is the lid.

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